How to Register onto the site


Welcome to Apopka Post Card Shoppe.

There are two steps to starting to use this site:

I ] 1st  [FIRST] : You need to register onto the site.

Steps :

a.    Find the Customer Login box,  it is located on the right side of the website at top.

If The login box is not visible,  use your browser & go direct into the home page (










2.Click on the Register link. It brings the following screen:


The registration form has three main sections: Customer Information, Bill To Information, and Send Registration. At the end, there is the Send Registration button for submitting the form data. In the Customer Information section, type your email address, the desired username, and password. Confirm the password by typing it again in the Confirm password field. In the Bill To Information section, type the address details where bills are to be sent. In the entire form, required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). You must provide information for these required fields.

Make sure that The First Name and Last name are Different.

In the Send Registration section, you need to agree to the Terms of Service. Click on the Terms of Service link to read it. Then, check the I agree to the Terms of Service checkbox and click on the Send Registration button to submit the form data:

If you have provided all of the required information and submitted a unique email address, the registration will be successful. On successful completion of registration, you get the following screen notification.

II ] 2nd [SECOND] Step

a. Goto your email server.  Look for the activation email from us and then click on the activation link in the email.

[Note : Please Take note of the Username and Password also.]

b. After you have clicked on that activation link within the email to activate your account , goto the Customer Login Box at and Login Using Your username and Password.

THAT'S IT! You can now use the site. Thank you again for stopping by Apopka Post Card Shoppe.


[Note: If you didn't receive activation email Please email us with the subject "Didn't receive activation Link".If you login Successfully you will see that The Customer Login Box Greeted you and Display Account Maintenance Link.You can use this link to change your information like(billing address,password ) and To view your orders if you place orders previously.]

Please Check the following Video For Full Information.